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    Greetings everyone. As arcadia embarks on it's new journey, it will need support from players; players like yourself!

    I am opening up an application process for people to join the moderator team. We will first start off only with adding JrMods until more support is needed.
    I want this to be undisclosed information and so I will lock replies to this post. If you are interested in applying please follow these three steps.

    1. Email the following to

    a. In game name
    b. age
    c. any experience
    d. highest degree of education
    e. Veteran status
    f. Country
    g. Time-frame you play most often (Eastern Standard Pacific time)
    h. How long you've been playing Minecraft
    I. Minecraft expertise (i.e. java code, commands and permissions, redstone, builder, etc)
    j. Servers you've played on before this one.
    k. how many hours a day you play on average.

    2. If selected for this step, you will need to have a skype interview. No need for the camera to be activated.

    3. If you are selected after the interview, you must complete a trial period as JrMod for 90 days. Then, a decision will be made. Demotion should never be taken personal and if you do take it personally, that's probably a reason why you were not selected.

    This process will take quite a while so please enjoy the game while waiting. We will do our best to reply to everyone's emails.

    Good Luck,

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